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Talys / 22 / France

Hello and welcome here ! I'm Talys and this is my personal/fandom blog !

Currently watching (or planning to watch):

-Free! Eternal Summer
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Kurojitsuji: Book of Circus
-Terror of Resonance
-Sword Art Online 2
-Persona 4 The Golden Animation
-DRAMAtical Murder

Favorite character ever: Konoha (Kagerou Project)

Just wanted to upload my Vanguard stuff, it’s kinda blurry but I don’t have a camera so I took it with my phone.

So as you can see it’s my Shamsiel deck with some sleeves I received for my future decks. 

Posted on 30th Mar 2013 at 4:09pm with 5 notes
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