Is that so ?~

I love Bermuda Duo so much, I have created a deck with them on Area since I come back to play this game, and it’s pretty much absurd how well it works with me. I always get the Peace Combo, which allows me to draw 3 for free by bouncing 3 Peace, since I can unflip the CBs by revealing 3 of them.

Getting that during the BR turn is hilarious, you get to draw 6 cards thanks to Meer and Darling, while attacking for a minimum of 5 times thanks to Meer and Reit. My friend is so deseperate when I do that now.

I even managed to do the combo when I rode G2. And to make it more horrible for my friend, I rode Rhone, which allowed me to bounce Peace to get a fourth one, and drawing again. Ahah I enjoyed having 11 cards in hand by Grade 2.

I even managed to win a game with 19 cards in hand at the end.

I wish I could see my friend’s face when I do that, the poor guy.